Products & Services

Our services are geared towards providing solutions to society's problems through the application of scientific, technological, and organizational knowledge. To this purpose, we develop R&D projects implementing automation; energy evaluation and optimization in industry and architecture; high-performance computational simulation; processing and analysis of large amounts of data (BigData); and contemporary organizational schemes.

High performance simulation

  • In-depth understanding of the physical phenomena present in products and processes.

  • Application of novel methodologies and development of personalized software using the latest technological advances (Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing).

  • Predictive maintenance using computational simulation and data analytics.

  • We are developers and representatives of the computational simulation package FENICS®.

  • Design of components and processes using high-performance computational simulation as a predictive tool.

  • Computational simulation of mechanical physics for the design or analysis of industrial or energy processes.

  • Computational simulation for architectural design or analysis of buildings.

  • Computational simulation of processes for automation or control: Digital Twins.

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Digital Twins

  • Modeling of dynamic systems in multiple engineering systems to computationally represent company assets.

  • Virtual prototyping of the dynamic behavior of engineering systems synchronized with the real world.

  • Digital twins software development using simulation to represent equipment under different operating conditions.

  • Digital twins software development using remote sensors or Internet of Things IOT to feed the digital equipment in real operating conditions.

  • Application of mathematical modeling methodologies for ROM order reduction and custom software development using in-house solvers.

  • Predictive maintenance software that helps innovative companies to increase their return.

Big Data

  • Our robust methodologies involve the entire data processing chain: from data collection, computational processing, and visualization to decision making based on predictive models.

  • Our company designs methodologies for the acquisition of data and signals coming from machines or people.

  • We adopt Web Scraping processes to list products and opinions, monitor prices, monitor trends, among other benefits in order to better position your company.

  • Identify correlations and patterns using multivariate inference statistical methods for the analysis of large volumes of data

  • We employ Machine Learning to build models, guide processes and obtain general information from data based on pre-designed algorithms to generate greater value.

  • Customer or individual clustering such that your company will be able to recognize a specific market niche and generate a specific profile, optimizing marketing strategies and saving much more when implementing your marketing strategy.

  • Our Natural Language Processing is used to understand the opinions about your products and services through data or web scraping, leading your company to a better decision making process.

  • With data science, we use data science to determine and predict customer churn and/or customer lifecycle, to generate specialized advertising, customer retention models, or optimize products/services.

  • We develop applications in industrial and commercial process automation for the optimization of processes and resources: Augmented Reality and Industry 4.0.

  • With our Data Architecture & Platform concepts, we help you to be part of the industrial transition, creating databases, employing clouds, improving cybersecurity, and analyzing patterns.

  • We coordinate the design and deployment of Front End & Back End processes in your company for the development of your interactive website.

  • Using the concepts of Data management & governance to manage the largest amount of data that can be generated by your company, to have greater control over the entry, security, and understanding of the processes, generating greater confidence of your customers.

  • We apply the concepts of Business Intelligence, learning to produce, handle, manage and analyze databases and clouds. Also, we design communication strategies and organizational change.

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Renewable energy

  • Pre-feasibility of technological projects (hydro, solar, wind, cogeneration) through technical and economic quantification of alternatives adopting new and renewable energy sources.

  • Analysis and prediction of the operation of energy collection or transformation systems by mathematical, physical, and statistical techniques.

  • Control and automation of dynamic energy harvesting or transformation.

  • Design of new components and techniques related to energy harvesting or transformation equipment.

Project management

  • Management and administration of R&D projects.

  • Entrepreneurship and business management consulting.

  • Process re-engineering by applying and designing Industry 4.0 processes.

  • Assistance in the design of projects for public and private calls for proposals.

  • Support in the development of R&D nuclei in public and private entities.

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Training and education

  • Training in the use of computational tools for Industry 4.0: modeling, simulation, data processing, and automation.

  • Training in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of research and innovation projects in the industry.

  • Strengthening the link between business, government, and academia.